Flex cannot find the Java Juice

8 02 2008

Well, strangely I was having troubles using the Flex command-line compilers… They couldn’t find the JRE.

First I got the following errors:

Error: Could not find JRE.

Error: Could not find Java Runtime Environment. 

Then, after learning I needed the Environment variable (My Computer > Properties > Advanced) JAVA_HOME set to my JRE path, i used

C:\program files\adobe\flex builder 3\jre\bin

No juice. I got an error

Error: could not find a JVM.

Dammit – I can’t win.

Then I found a blog stating to change backslashes to forward slashes on Windows.


Still giving me the JVM error. Huh.

Take off the “bin” folder? Solved.

Final Soln: Enviroment Variable

JAVA_HOME= c:/program files/adobe/flex builder 3/jre



6 responses

15 08 2008
LaTonya Reinhardt

Yes, It is true that just by changing the backslaches to forward slashes on windows along with removing “bin” from the JAVA_HOME dir is correct. Thank you.

22 08 2008
Adam C

I found that I didn’t have to reverse the direction of the slashes… Leaving off the “bin” works for me…

4 01 2010

This works for me. Thanks man you saved me today. I make new variable with name JAVA_HOME and value C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\jre

And i am using windows 7. Although keep in mind that you need to restart system for changes to take effect. Cheers.

12 04 2010

I’m using flex SDK 2 to compile my project, but after a week ago my windows crashed and it should be re-installed, Then after I install the JDK, i cannot compile my project anymore with message “Error: could not find a JVM”,
I try your solution but its not solved the problem either. 😦
any suggestion are welcome… thanks before..

20 05 2010

Thanks a lot.
1. JAVA_HOME= c:/program files/adobe/flex builder 3/jre
2 . Restart

Works great!!

ps: I use Flex Builder 3 on Windows 7.

19 04 2011
John McDermott

Hi I have Flex SDK 4.1 on Windows XP and java SDK 1.6.0_24,..

In the file jvm.config a single space infront of the jave.home variable caused the error ,…
java.home= C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.6.0_24

“Error: could not find a JVM.”

removing the space made it work
java.home=C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.6.0_24

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