Blogging on InsideRIA

25 06 2009

I’ve started blogging on InsideRIA recently, and I must say – I’m enjoying it.

Latest post is on Flash & Silverlight.

Speaking at the first InsideRIA Conference

4 06 2009

In August this year, O’Reilly and 360 Conferences are running the first InsideRIA Conference.

What appeals to me about this conference over so many others is:

a) It’s not about the fluff, it’s developer-to-developer; and 

b) It’s platform agnostic.

As such, the topic I’m speaking on is what the two main players in the RIA sphere are doing within their markup languages.

State of the Union: XAML and MXML in 2009

An honest and objective look at the two markup technologies dominating RIA development today. There is something for both Silverlight and Flex devs to learn from each other, and this is a discussion that is sorely lacking in the RIA industry at the moment. Topics covered include Styles, Resources, Databinding and Layout.


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Come along! I always enjoy a yarn about RIA.