Developer Prototypes: the Extrovert

19 01 2011

The Extrovert

The extrovert is a strange creature indeed. Comprising only a tiny percentage of the market, he commands nearly thrice the attention. Think shy, think quiet, think reserved, think taciturn. He is none of these things. He excels in creating social connections – and often uses his charm to his advantage. Those weaker in the art often have few enemies. Masters have none.


Indicators: Rambunctious displays, gaudy outfits, frequent near-gaffes, ambitious tendencies.

Specialties: Front end development (Flash, HTML) – sometime a little design.

Diagnosis: Needed attention as a child – possibly youngest of a large family.

Pervasiveness: About 0.05% of the software development community.

Treatment: Extroverts are generally best countered with other extroverts; careful though, because this can also lead to a dramatic showdown.




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