Silverlight Client to Server Remoting

11 02 2009

Being the Flex/AIR to .NET developer that I am, I find Silverlight curious to say the least.

Initially I had assumed that Silverlight 2, as it was deployed inside an ASP.NET side, would automatically handle remote objects from the client to the server. This would alliviate the developer from having to write two classes for her value objects (one on the client and one on the server). Moreover, it would minimise the amount of setup time to get going.

Turns out, it doesn’t. Not in .NET 3.5. You’ve got the options of using Web Services or solutions like WebORB .NET for Silverlight (using AMF).

Posing the question on Twitter today, I was sent the following link from Tim Heuer from the Silverlight team:

So, it seems the future of Silverlight, within .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 is a seamless integration from server to client via the one code base.

Something Mr. Cool (the speaker from said video) didn’t mention in whether or not the server would require the “Dublin” addition to IIS. This seems to be the way .NET 4.0 is achieving the communication from Client to Server. I think I need to test drive VS2010 to be sure.

The code to get the communication between the client and server is fairly bloaty – and seems a bit hackish at this stage. I get the impression MS are trying to quickly increase the functionality of Silverlight before too many people invest in the Flex Framework. MS are down in the fight as Silverlight currently can’t escape the browser unlike AIR  (WPF can too but it’s Windows dependant). I guess they want to entice the developers via integration rather than the software architects by reach.



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