flash 10 bugs: fullscreen crashes due to hardware acceleration

27 01 2009

I’ve noticed some issues ever since I installed Flash Player 10 with my Flex apps. Both of which involve fullscreen, and both of which won’t occur if the user disables hardware acceleration.

The first is fairly simple, under Remote Desktop, if you run a Flex app that renders in fullscreen, it will crash every time. This mainly affects users in offices running on thin clients. The workaround for the moment is to disable hardware acceleration. See the bug post here.

The second is more complicated.

Basically, the only way I could reproduce it was to render fullscreen over a HorizontalBox after you’ve fiddled with the box a little. I’ve had it happen over all sorts of components, not just HorizontalBox (even VBox and HBox). Again the principal workaround is to disable Hardware Acceleration. The other workaround I’ve found is to hide the HorizontalBox whilst the user is in fullscreen, and then to turn it back on once they return to normal viewing. See the bug post here.

If these issues have been affecting you, I’d advise you to watch the above bugs and receive updates from Adobe about them.

Both of these bugs have been introduced with Flash Player 10, and both have been with Adobe now for a few months. Hopefully we’ll see these fixed soon.




One response

25 01 2011

I have a older 2.167 ghz single core pc with 2gb of ram and Ati 4650 1gb video card. I am using windows xp.
When I have Hardware Acceleration enabled playing flash video in any browser, in full screen it will crash and freeze up my pc usually with in a few min.
But if i use other programs like lets say Hulu Desktop It won’t crash with Hardware Acceleration enabled.
I wonder why it only crashes in a browser? I tried several browsers same result. So when I use Hulu Desktop I have to switch back in forth between having Hardware Acceleration enabled and disabled. I do this so Hulu Desktop won’t lag .
Hulu Desktop minimum system requirements is a dual core pc. My pc is a single core but plays fine anyways.
I wonder if they will ever fix this full screen bug?

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