our internet community (or why I hate the experts exchange)

13 10 2008

When you get down to it, the Internet has been evolving in some very curious ways.

One of the best things about it’s current stage I believe, is the co-operative nature of so much of it. From open source software that can do just about anything, to the free web applications that proliferate our lives, the Net gives back as much it takes.

For me professionally, the help that comes from other developers who’ve posted responses to issues, bugs and common problems has been invaluable. At this stage though, I also need to credit Google – and any number of other search engines – for providing me with relevant enough content that I rarely need to visit even the first five results, let alone venture to the next ten.

It was for these reasons, along with having a repository of findings for myself, that I started this blog in the first place. As the hits and comments steadily build, I feel a certain sense of joy. Certainly part of it is pride, but I also feel a strong sense of satisfaction in being able to help others liked they’ve helped me.

With this in mind, I feel a strong sense of loathing when my searches reveal the Experts Exchange in amongst the top ten. They are a subscription-based help site who I’m sure you’ve encountered before. I have seen various posts lambasting them for fooling Google results by allowing the bots to scan responses.

What we’ve created in the Internet community is wonderful. We help others, they help us. Simple. No money, no reasons, just helping each other out. It’s like a virtual honesty box, and it’s working beautifully.

Who needs the experts exchange and their paid “experts” when we have our own expert: you.



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26 10 2008

Affine is an Internet Explorer addin which allows you to hide unwanted sites from your search engine results

26 10 2008

While agree with what you say in principal, if you get an Expert’s Exchange result from Google and scroll far enough down on the page the comments are revealed.

I didn’t know that until recently and doesn’t help if you browse the site but at least I’ve learned that the search results from Google aren’t useless.

But I do prefer blogs and open community sources for help for some of the other reasons you mentioned.

10 03 2009


I saw on your blog that you dont really like expert exchange.com , can u help me finishing my research?
1. why do you like or not like expert exchange and why?
2. If there is a tech support platform, what will you want from it? ( in function or feature or service)

Thanks a lot

Best Regards

10 03 2009
Justin J. Moses


I think the internet itself is that platform. Blogs like this, and social networks such as Twitter, provide the kind tech support that people like me need.

I don’t think one tech support platform would suffice; there is just so much ground to cover. Hardware, software, OS (win, osx, linux), development – each of which with a 1001 subheading.

Personally, I don’t want a community of “experts” to answer my question. Because I know there are millions of people online who have knowledge to share and are willing to.

12 03 2010

I hear you brother! I just hate experts**.com went to it 3-4 time didn’t get results. A few times just by looking at the comments and realizing i reached that crap page again. I love what they’re doing at stackoverflow.com awesome community and lighting fast speed of answer. generally javascript php and mysql questions will get answered in the first 10-15 mins. love that site. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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