Flex bug: Occasional empty popups and tooltips

30 06 2008

OK, this is by far the strangest bug I’ve yet to find in Flex.

Sometimes when I loaded my application, my tooltips and my popups refused to render any content. They were just empty. (See the images below, both the good and the bad). And when I went to debug the application, the properties were still there as they should be, just without the text being rendered.

The closest thing I could find on this out there, were people who were getting a runtime error in Flex 2 when their Modules had problems with the singleton classes such as PopUpManager and DragManager. But then I did some more research and I realised [finally] the problem was that my embedded fonts weren’t always rendering after I loaded in a module.


So when I removed the embedded fonts, and bobs-your-uncle.

Still, I’d love to know if anybody else has come into this and ways around it…




3 responses

18 09 2009
Geoffrey McRae

Did you ever solve this bug? I found that by setting the moduleFactory in ready event fixed the missing fonts for the module, but not for the tooltips or validators.

Module(ModuleLoader(event.currentTarget).child).moduleFactory = systemManager;

18 09 2009
Geoffrey McRae

Dont worry, I solved the problem completly! 🙂

Module(ModuleLoader(event.currentTarget).child).moduleFactory = systemManager;
Module(ModuleLoader(event.currentTarget).child).systemManager = systemManager;

Set both the moduleFactory and the systemManager. I dont know what other repercussions this will cause, but it works for me 🙂

18 09 2009
Geoffrey McRae

Whoops, no, sorry, it still fails.

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