Silverlight vs Flex (or, Why developers hate flash)

25 05 2008

Now *this* is an argument.

I’ve already seen some great points put out in this debate, although I’ve also seen some very indignant and irrational responses to the argument. Microsoft vs Adobe? or, Why do developers hate Flash?

I guess all those hours of frustration sitting in front of Flash (insert version number here) trying to figure out the most inane bug has caused most developers to cast Flash out. (I know I did).

And that by seeing Microsoft’s rather successful business plan of watching and waiting for fantastic ideas to come along before improving them and labelling their own, causes others to vent in hostility  (thanks Apple for Windows, Java for C# & .NET, Adobe for the Expression tools and Silverlight, Google least of all for Maps, etc.)

But if we look at this argument rationally, it’s clear that we developers will benefit from this contest.

Developers should, by their nature, be adaptable.

Instead of jumping the gun to defend our current choice of RIA software, we need to investigate the technologies as they appear and as they are improved. So that when it comes to making the perfect product, we choose the right tools for the job.

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One response

14 11 2008

We are using flash for the new connecticut gay marriage website, and it is very good. Have a look at the live feed of weddings performed.

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