Flex : IE issues

19 04 2008

I have been spending various intermittent hours browser testing my latest Flex app recently, expecting there to be few, if any, differences between runing a Flex app on IE and on FireFox. I have also been doing Safari and Opera testing, though Flash player doesn’t 100% support them (chiefly, the Back button functionality doesn’t work, which is a bit of a pain in the ass).

One bug I found during IE testing was using relative URLs for uploading and downloading files was broken. I was using “../[folder]” to access a root folder (my flex app is inside a folder off the root) and whilst this worked on FireFox, when I went to IE 6 & 7 for testing, found it didn’t. Huh.




One response

20 04 2008

There is a whole bunch of weird things that happen with FireFox when using Flex. I was writing a file upload utility to be used with Flex/ColdFusion, and I found out that when using the File Upload commands within Flex, it wouldn’t let the server read the cookies with that request, causing my server to loose track of who uploaded the file. (ColdFusion keeps track of people’s sessions by a cookie). IE, Safari and Opera all did it right 🙂

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