Flex and search engine optimisation

3 04 2008

I was just viewing an eSeminar by Adobe on Flash and search engine optimisation.

To summarise:

  • In Flash (not Flex), use Metadata tags (via Document Properties) to add metadata to the binary SWF
  • Also use the Javascript file: SWFObject to load your SWF, on top of alternate text for a crawler to parse.

The speaker also mentioned that Adobe has an SDK that they provide to the big search engine teams to decompile SWFs to basic HTML for crawlers to successfully parse the SWF. This isn’t available to the general public, however it is interesting to note that it exists.

I also found this interesting article which basically shows XML to the crawler, but the user will see a Flex page (loaded via XSLT) that formats and displays the data appropriately.

If you were going to combine these approaches for Flex, I’m thinking that in the DIV that is used for SWFObject, you could have the text content (in XML form) that you send over to your SWF for display….

Other ideas?




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