WebORB as .NET Remoting for Flex

27 02 2008

When I started this Flex mission, one of the requirements for the RIA I am working on is, obviously, a server-backend.

I went and read all of Adobe’s docs on Flex and .NET (I’m sorry, but I do love C#) and found there were two main .NET Remoting options. The open-source Fluorine (now named FluorineFx) by The Silent Group and the commercial software WebORB by The Midnight Coders. [I’m not sure why both groups need a “The” prefix – maybe theirs is a highly competitive industry?]

I was somewhat non-plussed to go through Adobe Flex .NET tutorials on remoting that were specific to WebORB knowing that the overhead wasn’t going to be deemed appropriate by the upper-crust. I turned to FluroineFx, and found the community helpful, even if the documentation for Flex usage, quite lacking.

Only recently, has a followup from the Midnight Coders actually had me once again interested in WebORB. A representative from the company assured me that their product is now free-for-all, and that they will soon be changing their website to reflect this… WELL. That changes everything. I mean, it is an impressive tool for Flash/Flex Remoting in .NET (and they’ve released it in Java, PHP and Rails as well).



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