flash player 9 uninstall woes

19 01 2008

Hmmm…you’re prolly unlikely to come across this one.

For some reason, when I installed Flex, the Adobe Flash Player 9 debugger didn’t work. I followed the steps that Adobe laid out for me but to no avail. I then read that you need to actually use an Adobe uninstaller to remove Flash Player 9. Ohhhhhhhhh.

The uninstaller is here:


And the Flash Player 9 with debugger  is here:




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20 01 2008

Gee, mate. Bill Gates has got you brainwashed.
Just because something is different from what you are used to doesn’t mean that it is necessarily inferior or difficult.
Has it occurred to you that your Adobe software doesn’t always run smoothly on Windows because no software runs as smoothly on Windows as it does on other platforms?
Once you have completed the paradigm shift from Microsoft to Adobe, you will appreciate how beautiful it is.
New Vistas will open up for you. No, that was probably not the right word to use….

20 01 2008
Justin J. Moses

Actually, I don’t think Adobe is inferior. I applaud their idea of portability and think Microsoft only get away with what they do because they write an OS to support their products.

I do however, have a few gripes with developing in the Adobe environment. As a developer, I like my code to work exactly. If it’s faulty, I wanna know where the bugs are. I, and many developers before me, have torn out many a handful of hairs trying to understand why Flash doesn’t behave properly. Not only is it frustrating to code in a multidimensional environment, but there are program kinks that you just have to work around (though I would fault Macromedia here before Adobe).

Compare this to .NET which not only has NEVER had a kink that I’ve come across, but also has fonts of useful documentation online to wade through whenever you stumble.

I am very excited with Flex because Adobe has taken the Flash framework and essentially made it developer-friendly. I can write applications in Flex, deploy them on any OS, and have faith that they will “just work“.

8 04 2008
Flex : Mac compatibility issues « Justin J. Moses : Blog

[…] issues to deal with, but you will need to ensure you have the Flash Debugger Player on your Mac (see this article on switching your player – you’ll need an Adobe uninstaller for […]

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