Adobe CS3 interface design

19 01 2008

If you know me, then you know how important interfaces are to me.

I feel that a good user interface is like an easy-going mate, and as an Aussie, I value easy-going mates very highly.

And so, when I saw the slick, sweet UI in Adobe’s new Creative Suite 3, I stopped in my tracks. I can only speak in regards to Flash and Photoshop, but I’m fairly certain that the UI design is consistent across the entire suite.

If you’ve ever worked with the two aforementioned products, you’ll be familiar with panel layout and how frustrating it is working on anything less than dual monitors or a 24″ widescreen. But now, as I’m sitting at the trusty 17″ at work, i’m amazed at how they’ve cleaned up the space and made the panels as unobtrusive as possible. The way they close to those little icons in the side – beautiful.

Well done Adobe, you’ve put on your thinking cap and I’ve got an “Outstanding” sticker for your lunchbox.




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